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Shampoo Bar (90g and 25g) - Ameoli

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Zero Waste shampoo bar made with respect for nature and the person.

Duration of use: between 90-110 washes (about 6-7 months), depending on the length of the hair and the frequency of use.

How to use:

Wet hair and shampoo. Rub the bar for a few seconds in the hands until you get a light foam. In circular motions, then rub the bar directly on the scalp for about thirty seconds or until a rich and generous foam is obtained. Spread the foam over the entire hair and continue the massage. Rinse well.

* Tip: For optimal durability, it
is important to let the shampoo dry completely between each use on a soap dish or grill, away from the water jet. Do NOT store it in a closed container.