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Ola Bamboo

Individual toothbrush holder

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$5.99 CAD
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$5.99 CAD

What you buy

  • Sold separately. Toothbrush not included.
  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Allows the toothbrush to dry quickly.
  • 100% bamboo
  • Bamboo cultivation is done without using pesticides or insecticides
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest
  • Outer diameter : 5 cm / Int. : 1.6 cm
  • Height : 3 cm


OLA Bamboo toothbrush holder is a must-have accessory to store your bamboo brushes hygienically. Our individual toothbrush holder has a compact design for countertop to keep your brush clean and safe. These holders are biodegradable and are specially designed to dry the wooden brushes naturally. By using OLA Bamboo biodegradable products, you are contributing towards a sustainable future by cutting down on plastic waste.